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On 8th September 2017, INDEL B Spa, with its head office in Sant'Agata Feltria (Rimini), listed on the MTA (Italian Electronic Equities) market of Borsa Italiana, head of an industrial group that operates in the mobile and mobile living refrigeration market for automotive, hospitality and leisure (pleasure boating and recreational vehicles) sectors, completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Autoclima Spa.
Thus, the control of Autoclima changes hands and goes from the Ferreros of Alba (Cuneo), who had owned it since 1993, to the Berlonis, who have already introduced themselves to the personnel in Cambiano (Turin.
The outgoing President Ferdinando Ferrero, together with his daughters Elisa and Laura, expresses his thanks and reassures the workers of the fact that "he has left them in the hands of capable and successful business people".
Antonio Berloni assures all concerned that the pre-existing good relationship between the two companies, consolidated by a 12 years of experience in developing the common line of parking coolers, can only lead, now that the two companies are in the same business group, to an improved synergy between the brands, to a greater prestige and to a growing presence of both companies in the global market.
Luca Bora - CEO of Indel B - commented as follows: "The acquisition of Autoclima represents a historic step for Indel B, since it is the first strategic and significant acquisition of majority shareholding. Thanks to Autoclima, we will be able to step into new market segments and to widen our range of products while remaining focused on the mobile cooling and mobile air-conditioning market.
Giorgio Moffa - Autoclima Chief Executive Officer - wanted to express his personal thanks to Ferdinando Ferrero for the many years of cooperation and to Antonio Berloni "for confirming my role in the company". Addressing the workers, he ended the meeting with a personal reflection: " I believe that Indel B is the solution that Autoclima has been seeking for a long time, to face international markets and combining as well as possible their respective production potential".


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